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Recession has hit many companies very hard, and Economy is still shrinking. Economists are predicting the economy to grow very slowly over the next couple of years, which will make surviving in these tough times even harder.

Cutting costs in the right place and at the right time is crucial.

Here at Shebbi I.T. Services we strongly believe, I.T. is at the heart of any organisation and making the wrong cuts can affect the performance of the whole organisation. We can help you decide where to cut costs and save money. Our experts can help you get the most out of your existing systems.

Difficult times require different strategies; a lot of companies have started to think outside the box and have started to use freelancers as and when they need them, saving money.

We can offer you Freelance I.T. Support as and when you need it. We will come in and make sure everything is setup correctly and make the necessary changes to ensure the systems will continue to run effectively.

If anything goes wrong you don't have to wait for us to drive in, we can instantly connect to your systems remotely and troubleshoot, so you can be up and running within minutes rather than hours.

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  You Decide
  We can work with which ever plan suits your business requirements. We can offer Freelance service at a Low Hourly Rate, or we can offer Fixed Monthly contracts.

Shebbi I.T. Services

We have very low hourly rates compared to lot of our competitors. Like to keep your costs under control, sign up to our fixed monthly fee contract.

DATA Backups

1 in 6 businesses aren't adequately protected against disasters. Your data is the 2nd most important asset, after your staff. Make sure you are protected.


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